The easiest way to build a
token-enabled community.

Turn your | into partners in your creative work.

Introducing Quoram and Non-Fungible Memberships

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Quoram is a free, no-code Web3 platform where creators build token-enabled communities.

Fans mint NFTs to get access to your community and the exclusive content and experiences that you choose.

And the best part is your members can trade their NFT to new fans if they decide to move on.

Fully featured no-code platform

We take the mystery out of Web3 with no-code required, no contract deployment necessary, and it’s FREE to get started.
Create your own token-gated membership with no code and no contract deployments
No CodeEasy to use
  • No-code required
  • No custom contracts
  • No contract deployment necessary
  • Automatic authentication for token-gated experiences
No CodeFlexible
  • Unlimited communities
  • Unlimited NFT supply
  • Create different access tiers and benefits
  • Choose your floor price for minting
  • Choose your royalty for secondary sales
No CodeCommunity-driven
  • Creator Discord community
  • Direct support from staff
  • Made by community feedback
  • Strong engineering team

What makes Quoram different?

At Quoram, we’re leveraging Web3 technology to help creators build communities of hyper-engaged members.

Create communities with NFTs and tiered access, then manage your community, all for FREE. Then, enjoy long-term growth and impact on successive generations of members with LOW fees on minting and secondary sales.

We’re here for you, working everyday to bring creators new and exciting features. Want to know what we’re building next? Check out our Roadmap.


FREE to get started

FREE to create your community and mint your seats


LOW fees incurred when consumers mint seats

LOW fees on secondary sales


We're dedicated to transparency and community-driven development.

This is what the future of Quoram looks like.

Q1 - 2022
  • Quoram founded
  • Foundational smart contracts designed
  • MetaMask wallet support
  • Community creation process completed
  • Tier creation completed
  • ‘Lazy-minting’ process perfected
  • Discovery experience
Q2 - 2022
  • First version of Quoram launched with live communities
  • Quoram Discord bot created
  • Token-gated user authentication perfected
  • Quoram decentralized marketplace
Q3 - 2022
  • Creator dashboard
  • Community analytics
  • Revenue data and analytics
  • Marketing dashboard and toolkit
Q4 - 2022
  • Token sale and governance DAO
  • Token incentives for creators and students
  • Landing page builder
  • Embeddable community page
  • Non-transferable NFT credentialing
~ 2023
  • Governance voting on policy and roadmap
  • Multi-chain support
  • NFT gifting and scholarships
  • Invite multiple team members to manage your communities
  • One-time purchases with tokens and/or ETH
  • Quoram Creator Academy
  • More features!

Want to learn more about Quoram?

A message from the Founder & CEO

Frequently Asked Questions

Quoram is a Web3 platform where creators build token-enabled communities. Consumers purchase unique NFTs to gain membership in the creator’s community. If consumers decide to move on, they can sell their membership to new community members. Creators and sellers receive a royalty upon sale.

NFT stands for “non-fungible token”. The ownership of an NFT is recorded in the blockchain, and can be transferred by the owner, allowing NFTs to be sold and traded.

An IQO is the first generation of a new community. The first generation differs from future generations because it is the first time memberships in the community are available.

Quoram charges 5% of every membership minted, and 5% royalty upon secondary sales.

Memberships are based on ERC-721, they also implement EIP-2981 (NFT Royalty Standard), allowing community creators to continue generating revenue upon secondary sales on supported marketplaces.

The minting creator chooses how many memberships to make available in their community.

Quoram is currently in private beta. We plan to make Quoram an open platform in Q2 of 2022.

A creator can build as many communities as they like.

Quoram is a centralized corporation. We specialize in building software that helps our customers leverage decentralized technology. We are also interested in launching a DAO and governance token so that members of the community have influence over Quoram’s future.

Quoram is built with Ethereum. We also plan to expand to Solana and potentially other blockchains as well.

We’re working hard to launch in early 2022. If you’re an instructor and you’re intrigued by this idea, we’d love to talk to you.